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Guido Burgstaller: Things have started off well


Guido Burgstaller has only been at S04 for a month, but his style of play and willingness to fight have earned him a place in the fans' hearts already. The winter arrival spoke to schalke04.de about the game against Hertha BSC, his introduction to life as a Royal Blue and that celebration after the goals on Saturday.

Guido Burgstaller, things have been getting better for you at Schalke, agree?

Yes, I think so. Still, though, it was important for us all to get the win against Hertha. Our aim was to build on what we put together against Bayern and Sandhausen. We managed to do that well, and got ourselves a deserved win. The three points were very important and we are all very pleased.

The fans seem to have really taken to your style of play. How do you find the reaction you have received from the fans?

It is great and of course very enjoyable for me. It is always easier when you get a good start at a new club. The team have also made things very smooth. I feel very comfortable and I am happy ti be able to play here. Those who know me know how I operate. I give my best every time and I have done that from the very first day at Schalke. That has been going well so far, but I am not doing an huge amount differently to when I was in the second league.

You have only been at S04 for a few weeks, but you have already managed to strike up some good connections with your team mates…

It was visible in Munich and Sandhausen that things are really starting to gel and I wanted to take that into the game against BSC, which we did. We functioned well collectively, which was another aspect of why we deserved the points. On Thursday we have to maintain that in the Europa League against Saloniki. We want to play to a high level again and put ourselves in a good position for the second leg.

You marked the goals against Hertha with an inventive celebration. What was the reason for that?

Recently we have installed a dartboard in the dressing room and we always look to get a round in before we head out for the preparations, and because of that Leon and I decided that we would celebrate like that when one of us next scored. In the end we both did, so we got to do it twice! It made for a nice extra bit of story to both goals.

Which player is the best at the darts?

There are a fair few who are pretty good, but the one who needs the most practice is Benedikt Höwedes!(Laughs.) In any case, it is always a lot of fun to do before or between sessions and a nice way to spend the time.